Kevin Parker Praises Kanye West In New Interview

Kevin Parker, frontman of Tame Impala, recently spoke to GRAMMYs about life during COVID-19 and how he’s surviving without touring. Scheduled to tour the world this year, Parker, much like every other artist, had to pull the plug from touring due to the ongoing global pandemic.
When asked about life within quarantine, he says he finds comfort within isolation. The interview explores the musician at the comfort from his home as he answers questions about escapism and disappointing those who considers him as the “psychedelic Jesus”.
One of the highlights of the interview was when he was asked about Kanye West, and his decision to run for president. Kevin Parker says West’s mental health may be the reason why he’s running for president. “There might be some mental health issues. And then with that in mind, like, you can't really make assumptions on anything. Kanye, he's built his life, and career on being extremely ambitious”, Parker says.
The “Is It True” singer then praises the rapper: “He's ambitious to a fault, probably, but that's always been the power of Kanye West—he's not been afraid to fail. I think like he has less fear of failure than most people. Which is one of the secrets to his success. When he tries to be president, and fails, he'll start a shoe company and make a zillion dollars. It's like you win some, you lose some. And I think on Kanye it's just a brand, it's on the grand scale. And same with being a being a legendary hip-hop artist”.
Kevin Parker also says Kanye West was once his dream collaborator (Parker was involved in the creation of “Violent Crimes” on West’s Ye album): 
“Kanye West was top of my list, easily. I mean, we didn't fully get to do something properly”.
He then goes on to name Daft Punk as well, 
“but I'd love to do something to Daft Punk, that'd be really cool. They're one of those ones where it's like, I don't want to mention it too much”.
Click the link above to read the full interview. 

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