Kid Cudi Hints At ‘Man On The Moon 3’

Is Kid Cudi going to continue the Man On The Moon series? Well, it appears so. The musician has fans speculating on his next move.
Cudi has been keeping himself busy as he stars in Luca Guadagnino HBO series ‘We Are Who We Are’. While he’s gearing up to release his new album ‘Entergalactic’, it appears that Cudi revealed a new piece to the puzzle.
After recently releasing his new single “The Adventures of Moon Man and Slim Shady” with Eminem, the moniker Moon Man, that he debuted in 2009, made a return. It was used for his first two studio albums before he moved on from the moniker.
Now, Kid Cudi took to Twitter to hint at continuing the trilogy of the Moon Man series. He recently changed his Twitter bio with the caption “The trilogy continues”. This is leading fans to believe that his next album will be the third chapter of the ‘Moon Man’ series:
Stay tuned for an official update for what’s to come. 

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