Kid Cudi On SNL: Performances and Skit

Kid Cudi was the latest musical guest on Saturday Night Live. Cudi took to the stage as ‘Promising Young Woman’ star, Carey Mulligan, was the host.

He took to the stage to perform “Tequila Shots” and “Sad People”, both songs off of his recent release, ‘Man On The Moon III: The Chosen’. Shortly after his performance, Cudi made instant headlines due to his choice to wear a dress during his performance of “Sad People”.

Twitter connected his choice of fashion as a tribute to Kurt Cobain, who wore a similar dress in the past. Check out his performance of “Tequila Shots” by clicking here, and watch the “Sad People” performance by clicking here.

For the musical skit, Kid Cudi joined SNL members, Pete Davidson and Chris Redd, for “Weird Little Flute”. To top it all off, Timothée Chalamet even made a cameo. Check it out below:




Songwriter and former lead singer of the band Semi Precious Weapons responded to Kid Cudi wearing a dress, and tweeted that a member of Cudi's team once used a derogatory term:

"The world has really changed. When we were on the same tour together in 2009 he and his team were passing my bands dressing room, I was serving one of my daily gender non conforming legendary looks and someone on his team yelled “F-----” and they all laughed and walked away"

He then backtracked and mentioned:

"I would also like to say that the tour supported us and his team member who said the F word was not allowed back into any of the venues. This is a moment to point out progress and focus on the very first thing I said, the world is changing. And change is good".
Tranter then deleted the tweet claiming that his attempt at making a point didn't come across as he expected.

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