Kid Cudi Releases ‘Man On The Moon III’: “The Chosen”

Kid Cudi makes his grand return with the new album, ‘Man On The Moon III: The Chosen’. His first solo release since 2016’s ‘Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’, will continue the ‘Man On The Moon’. Update : he teases a deluxe edition in 2021 which will feature Playboi Carti and others.

Titled ‘The Cudder Cut’, the deluxe edition will feature an additional amount of songs and surprises. Continue reading for more from the release of the album:

Ahead of the album release, Cudi sat down with Zane Lowe, here’s a summary of the key-points that Cudi revealed:

  • He recorded 12 songs in 2 weeks before he stepped back to examine if the songs were album worthy. 
  • Lyrically, the album is his most thought-provoking
  • Travis Scott pushed him to rap more. According to Cudi, Travis told him “I love when you rap”
  • He experiments with ad-libs for the first time on the album, but with his own spin to it
  • Dot and Plain Pat worked with Pop Smoke which is how “Show Out” happened, Cudi hopped on the song to prove he “has bars”
  • Cudi was uncertain after the reception of ‘Speedin Bullet 2 Heaven’. Now, he wants to release albums every other year
  • He reveals he constantly wants to impress Kanye West, and that ‘Kids See Ghosts’ was a turning point. 

He also spoke to John David Washington and spoke about the album further.


1. “Beautiful Trip” (0:37) [prod. Cudi, Emile, Dot, Pat, and FINNEAS] 

2. “Tequila Shots” (3:13) [prod. Cudi, Dot, and Take A Daytrip]

3. “Another Day” (3:20) [prod. Cudi, Dot, Nosaj Thing, and Take A Daytrip]

4. “She Knows This” (3:37) [prod. Cudi, Dot, Julian Gramma, and FnZ]

5. “Dive” (2:29) [prod. Cudi, Kilhoffer, Teddy Walton, Aaron Booe, and Kevin Parker]

6. “Damaged” (2:31) [prod. Cudi, Dot, Take a Daytrip, and Mike Dean] 

7. “Heaven On Earth” (3:21) [prod. Cudi, Anthony Kilhoffer & DST The Danger]

8. “Show Out” featuring Skepta & Pop Smoke (2:55) [prod. Cudi, Pat, Christopher Justice & Everett Romano]

9. “Mr. Solo Dolo III” (4:02) [prod. Cudi, Pat, and Dot]

10. “Sad People” (2:56) [prod Cudi, Dot, Take a Daytrip]

11. “Elsie’s Baby Boy (flashback)” (3:39) [prod. Cudi]

12. “Sept. 16” (4:09) [prod. Cudi, Dot, Emile, Pat & FINNEAS]

13. “The Void” (5:25) [prod. Cudi & Mike Dean]

14. “Lovin’ Me” featuring Phoebe Bridgers (2:46) [prod. Dot & Rami Beatz]

15. “The Pale Moonlight” (2:56) [prod. Dot, Rami Beatz, and E*vax from Ratatat]

16. “Rockstar Knights” featuring Trippie Redd (3:51) [prod. Dot, Take a Daytrip, & Mike Dean]

17. “4 Da Kidz” (3:04) [prod. Dot, Take a Daytrip, & Mike Dean]

18. “Lord I Know” (3:32) [prod. Dot, Take a Daytrip, & Mike Dean]


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