Kid Cudi Will Launch His Own Podcast and Here's Some Guests Who'll Be Joining Him

Update: (1/25): Kid Cudi reveals via Twitter that the podcast will launch after he’s done filming a new movie in New Zealand

Update: (9/7): Kid Cudi announces the podcast will debut in September, with a possibility that it'll begin to air next month.




Kid Cudi announced that he’ll be launching his on podcast. With little to no further information, Cudi revealed his next move on Twitter reassuring just to expect strictly positivity. Kid Cudi asked fans “Should I do my own podcast?” and of course his fanbase unleashed with a resounding yes, and since then the anticipation has been rolling. 

Elaborating on what to expect, Cudi says that his content will be focused on “all love no sh*t talkin”. While he will be only uplifting artists and talking with friends and fans. “It’ll be like your hangin with me, smokin’ and shootin’ the sh*t for awhile. It’ll be meant to comfort the lonely”, Cudi says.

Days later, he asked fans on who he should invite as guests for his upcoming podcast. Such names mentioned include Timothèe Chalamet, Shia LaBeouf, Seth Rogen, HAIM, Kanye West, Virgil Abloh, Pusha T, Jaden Smith, Ratatat, MGMT, The Neptune’s, Pete Wentz, the boys of Brockhampton and more.

Check out some of the tweets below:














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