LaKeith Stanfield Debuts Captivating Music Video For New Song “Island Man”

LaKeith Stanfield returns to the music scene. This time, LaKeith, known under the moniker HTIEKAL (LaKeith backwards) shared a new single entitled “Island Man”. 
The man of many talents released the song along with a captivating music video. Stimulating a mind boggling experience, the music video takes various twists and turns. 
This Three Dead Crows short-film concentrated on LaKeith’s personal well-being as well as the chaotic outside world. Over half of the video takes a look at the surrounding issues of police brutality and president, Donald Trump.
Things take a turn into a more personal light, as it then cuts to Stanfield shedding light into the aftermath of when he raised concerns on his well-being last month. 
After sharing alarming Instagram posts, fans, colleagues, and his peers all publicly reached out, while some reached out in private. In the video, LaKeith shares messages and voicemails from famous friends including the likes of Lil Wayne, Josh Safdie, and Chris Evans.
For the remainder of the video, viewers are able to listen to the song. Watch the video above.
(Photo by Gonzalo Marroquin/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

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