Lakeith Stanfield’s Latest Single “Fast Life” Is Now More Necessary Than Ever

Prolific actor, LaKeith Stanfield has stolen the show in numerous occasions. Whether it be on the big screen with roles ranging from 2017’s Get Out to last year’s Uncut Gems, or on TV on the series Atlanta, Stanfield has displayed his potential countless of times.

What still comes to a surprise from fans is that LaKeith is also a musician, and a well skilled one at that. Earlier this year he shared the song “Fast Life” under the alias HTIEKAL (LaKeith spelled backwards).

The song works as the first single from his forthcoming album Self Control. LaKeith states that it is a project that will explore “struggling and striving and getting through the harder times- and coming out on the other side with some hope”.

“Fast Life” depicts exactly what the title suggests, as through a fast paced, puzzling production, Stanfield is somewhat on the urge of living on the edge. But then he finds himself and realizes he has to backtrack a bit and rewrite his wrongs, most notably with his mother. 

With an overwhelming 2020 so far, listeners can relate to the puzzling effect of piecing together life on a day to day basis. The song is a thrill from start-to-finish. 

Stream the song above and check it out on CTRL’s curated playlist: Let’s Get Lost Tonight. 


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