LaKeith Stanfield To Release New Album Next Year

LaKeith Stanfield has announced that he will be releasing a album next year. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Stanfield says fans should expect new music in 2021.

Under the alias HTIEKAL, which is LaKeith spelt backwards, the multifaceted talent has released a slew of singles over the past year. Those include the songs “Island Man” and “Fast Life”. He now reveals that he will be releasing more hip-hop inspired music next year.

In the feature for The Hollywood Reporter, he talks about a specific incident that has inspired new music. He reveals that a recent death of someone close to him has caused trauma, and he has been processing the trauma through his music. “For so long, I thought that was something I didn’t need”, LaKeith says.

He previously spoke about the upcoming album with GQ earlier this year, as he says to “keep your eyes peeled” for a collaboration with Childish Gambino. Check out the full feature here.

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