Lil Baby Shares Two New Singles “Errbody” and “On Me”


Lil Baby celebrates his 26th birthday in a big way! The rapper shares two new singles as a gift for fans.

“Errbody” and “On Me” arrived on Friday, December 4th along with music videos for both songs. Keeping his year-long momentum going, both singles continue Lil Baby’s hot streak.

As the man of the moment, it’s only necessary that he flexes on everybody. “Errbody” boosts an irresistible energy that proves that he’s one step ahead of his peers. It’s moody, lowkey, and yet a necessary anthem for Lil Baby to close out his phenomenal year.

Meanwhile, on “On Me”, Lil Baby continues his victory lap but in a humbler way. Embracing his vulnerability, the melodic anthem sees Baby owning up to his emotions but yet still flossy enough to balance his two-sided profile.

Both singles mark Lil Baby’s curtain-call of the year, as he’s undeniably, 2020’s Rapper of the Year. Check out both songs and videos above.

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