Lost and Found, Jorja Smith

Wandering in search for her soul in this soulless world, Jorja‘s debut is a quest into a voyage of discovery. Questioning the depths into self awareness, the lyrics “why do we all fall down with innocence still on the ground” introduces the juxtaposition of the album, as it’s a tear jerker lyrically, yet angelic, and a sweet escape melodically.
Foreshadowing the experiences that Jorja wears on her sleeves, she contemplates the desire of love at an early stage (‘Teenage Fantasy’), while dueling with temptation to bandage a failed relationship (February 3rd). Tackling her journey through inspirations of blues, hip-hop, and soul, Jorja cleverly displays skillful artistic moments to craft and emphasize precise storytelling abilities (police sirens in Blue Lights/spoken word on Lifeboats/acoustic on Goodbyes). Luscious somber serenades, curated upon raw and seductive vocals, ‘Lost and Found’, is a soulful introduction to one of the genres most mature voices

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