M.I.A Shares Full “Franchise” Verse

On the last Friday of September, Travis Scott shared his latest single “Franchise”. Enlisting Young Thug and M.I.A, the song was a hit from the get-go. Capturing attention with the chaotic production along with a eye-popping visual, it had all the qualities of yet another Travis Scott blockbuster. 
Upon initial release, fans of the rapper had mixed opinions on the song. While most fans loved it, listeners were left polarized after hearing M.I.A’s verse on the song. Known for her experimental and out-of-the-box approach, M.I.A contribution to the song will literally leave you bamboozled, as Travis would say.
After sharing the remix to the song featuring Future, fans were relieved when M.I.A appeared to be missing in action. Following the release of the remix as well as the recent chart update of it topping the Billboard Hot 100, M.I.A shared the full version of her verse. 
Sharing it exclusively on patreon, M.I.A reveals her verse was not only cut short, but completely revamped and modified. Listen to it above. 

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