Mark Ronson & Raissa: "I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight" | Track Review

Last year, Mark Ronson delivered the soundtrack to those emotional but dance floor ready anthems. The album Late Night Feelings was the key pinpoint moment for the producer to officially declare himself as the King of Sad Bangers. Striking again, Ronson returns with another trick up his sleeve. This time enlisting Raissa, Ronson releases a new track “I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight”.

Recorded during lockdown, the song is actually a cover that fits right in with his latest release. Reimagining the original by Richard and Linda Thompson (the title track to the British duo’s 1974 album), Ronson described the intention behind his release: “For me, it’s the ultimate song about a messy weekend night out. All the weird but wonderful human interactions that go down. Not knowing what might happen once you head out that front door. Maybe a little hookup, a good time, even a hint of danger. But whatever it is, you know you’re going to forget about the boredom and stresses of everyday life for a few hours...

"I imagine the reason I’ve been so drawn to this song is because I miss that all very much. I bet a lot of us do..."

Keeping it slick and classy, Mark Ronson respectively pays tribute to the original but puts his own spin to it. The addition of breakout new artist Raissa, gives the song a breath of fresh air. Much like the features of his latest release, Ronson specifically researches and picks the right names to match his vision, something that he has the history of doing so, this song is no different.

Known for his party staring, and party rocking abilities, Ronson keeps it appropriate for the times and releases the quarantine, zoom-call party anthem. Much like what Kanye West crooned on the 2008 hit “Love Lockdown”, this is Mark’s equivalent during these desperate times. 

Stream the song on CTRL curated, Mark Ronson inspired Dancing On Your Own Playlist. 

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