Music Videos Still Matter: Best Music Videos of 2020

Despite what critics may say, music videos still matter, in fact, they're now more enjoyable to watch than ever before. Sometimes a video can make or break a song as a striking visual can bing the song to life. Creating alternating experiences and reimagining the possibilities, music videos continue to push artists to the limits.

In a year that has been charged by the chaotic profile of The Weeknd's new character, to the optical illusions utilized by Dua Lipa, to the graphic and hellish side of Yves Tumor, music videos are getting interesting again. Behold the best music videos of the year.

"Alone Omen 3", King Krule
Showcasing an unprecedented amount of growth since his last release, Archy Marshall is continuing to celebrate his new found glory. Depicting the immense appreciation of accepting love while being reawakened in the process, Alone, Omen 3 off of the album Man Alive, sheds a light of positivity that everyone can appreciate. For the song and the video, Krule revealed that he had gotten out of a dark place, and he notes the heartfelt turning of events in the visual.


"Blinding Lights", The Weeknd 

With a cinematically charged song, the possibilities for the music video of Blinding Lights seemed to be endless. Approaching the song upon first listen, listeners are instantly connective with the ability to tap themselves into a plot that writes itself. In the need for speed, The Weeknd pushes himself to the limits in a fast paced, action packed music video that allows him to channel his new character with an essence of the Joker. Continuing the story that was told with the Heartless music video, Abel continues to explore unfamiliar territories that is the center to the After Hours plot. 


"Goliath", Woodkid

It’s been seven years since Woodkid made his debut with the release of The Golden Age. The French artist made his comeback with the futuristic ambitious single Goliath. As Woodkid reassures that we are out of the golden age, he promises that we’re now entering the industrial age. Creating monstrosities to puzzle the pieces of something larger than life, the visuals capture the sudden realization of self-destruction. After producing music videos for the likes of Lana Del Rey, Drake, and Harry Styles, Woodkid continues to stand out on his own creating a music video that leaves viewers in awe.


"Gospel for a New Century", Yves Tumor

The new era of Yves Tumor began with the single Gospel for a New Century. Meshing the explosive sounds of heavy metal with a subtle hint of a groove, Yves Tumor sought out an unsettling balance that somehow worked. In the hellish music video to the song, Yves Tumor introduces viewers into a monster ball of extraordinary events. With a cryptic warning for viewers, the music video is devilish, as it unleashes the monstrous side of Yves Tumor.


"John Redcorn", SiR

In the summer of 2019, SiR left fans mesmerized with his essential soundtrack to the season, Chasing Summer. One of the tracks in particular on the release was a concept in itself. Paying homage to a character of the sitcom King of the Hill, the song John Redcorn represents SiR’s own depiction of history. Rewriting the script, SiR reimagines the animated show that viewers might’ve been accustomed to with an all-black cast courtesy of the Black Hippy crew.
"Life is Good", Future feat. Drake
Beginning the year with high expectations, Future and Drake tell a different tale than what the title imagines. Even though things have gone downhill since the music video dropped, it represents the reality of the working class still vying to make a living while remaining hopeful and enjoying the process along the way. With appearances from 21 Savage, Lil Yachty, Mike Will Made-It among others, Life is Good is an effective highlight reel of a day-to-day basis that isn’t as bad as it seems.
"Nonbinary", Arca
Launching the new era, KiCK i, Arca unveils the first chapter to what’s to come. Nonbinary the new single and video challenges coming to terms with self-realization of identity.  Arca comes face to face with her own body over CGI effects and graphic scenes. While unsettling for the eyes, it’s hard to look away as viewers want to unpack everything that happens all at once. 
"Physical", Dua Lipa
Utilizing the effects of optical illusions, Dua Lipa creates a fantasy that you don’t want to escape from. With bright life like colors, and vivid imagery, the music video for the international hit single Physical is a concept of never-ending cycles. A pinnacle of a pop music universe, Dua Lipa is the commander in charge. 
"She Knows This"/“Heaven on Earth”, Kid Cudi
Kid Cud's first music video since 2016 and it's directed by none other than Nabil Elderkon. A stunning return to form.
"POPSTAR", DJ Khaled & Drake
One of the biggest break the internet moments came courtesy of Justin Bieber! A simple yet complex concept done right.
"Yo Perreo Sola", Bad Bunny
Bad Bunny pulls out all the stops in this head turning music video. 
"Watermelon Sugar", Harry Styles
Harry continues to keep fans guessing on the true meaning of watermelon sugar. 
"UNLOCKED", Denzel Curry & Kenny Beats
"Savior Complex", Phoebe Bridgers
"Say So", Doja Cat
"Franchise", Travis Scott
"Sad Day", FKA Twigs 
"Hit Different", SZA
"Oprah's Bank Account", Lil Yachty
"Already", Beyoncé
"The Bigger Picture", Lil Baby
”Too Late”, The Weeknd


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