Nas and Hit-Boy Release "Ultra Black"

Nas unleashes a vengeance on new song with Hit-Boy entitled “Ultra Black”. Celebrating his culture, Nas makes it clear that he’s unapologetically black, and he wants you to know that.

The rap icon enlists Hit-Boy to curate the upcoming joint project King’s Disease that’s set to be released on August 21. Nas comes in with a bold and revived spirit, the strongest he’s sounded in a while. 

The song has also caught the attention of listeners around the world as Nas calls out Doja Cat. In May, Doja Cat was “cancelled” due to be involed in an online incident with a group of alleged racists. While it seemed as if the world moved on from the cancellation, Nas sparks the fire.

He raps: “We going ultra-black, unapologetically Black. The opposite of Doja Cat”.

Check out the song above.

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