New Frank Ocean Music To Be Released Soon?

Even if it appears to be too good to be true, new Frank Ocean music is imminent. After months and months of delays, vinyls of unreleased music have finally shipped out, with delivery expected for this weekend.

But what does that mean? Well, there’s a possibility that Frank Ocean will premiere the two new songs, Cayendo and Dear April after fans will receive the vinyls. Just last month, the expected unreleased song Frank teased at his weekly nightclub PrEP+ back on Halloween, Little Demon featuring Skepta was abruptly cancelled for a vinyl release. Since then the singer has left fans in a frenzy of what’s expected to come next.

Earlier todays fans who had placed an order on a vinyl received a confirmation email confirming delivery for this weekend. The news instantly broke out with clear indication that the new music is on the horizon. Both songs were also previewed during PrEP+ back in October of last year. The following night, Frank Ocean then listed both as single releases alongside featured footage of Justice and Sango playing their respective remixes of the track.

Update: Fans had received delivery of the vinyls but with acoustic versions of each song. Dear April and Cayendo were instantly uploaded by fans and were quickly removed by Frank’s team indicating an official release on streaming services  

 Stay tuned for more information, as the news will continue to be developed.



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