New Spotify AI Bot Roasts Your Taste In Music

A new AI bot is here to roast your music taste. Digital outlet, The Pudding, have created the “How Bad Is Your Spotify?” bot to judge your taste in music. (Click here to access) 

Users must log in with their Spotify account, and then the bot proceeds to examine users searches and listening behavior and completely roasts them.

The bot then provides a percentage of how truly awful their taste in music is, which comes with a plethora of insults. For example:

“You are 38 per cent basic. Most of your music comes straight from iHeartRadio. lol Drake... You’re stuck in the early 2010s. You only listen to Obama-era jams.”

Another one was told: “Oh great, another Phoebe Bridgers stan… You’ve been listening to a lot of Phoebe Bridgers lately. U okay?”

Travis Scott fans will also be roasted for keeping Kylie rich by enjoying his Cactus Jack McDonalds meal! Check it out yourself above. 



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