No Time To Die: The Perfect Bond Song For A New Generation

Entering the gates of a new generation, the James Bond theme song travels to its greatest heights in years. When revising the orchestrated history of the coveted theme song, there’s a reoccurring theme that is significant with each piece that achieved the purpose, and those that crashed and burn, the simple glimpse of mystery. From the Las Vegas casino royale of Nancy Sinatra’s You Only Live Twice, to the eccentric rendition of The Living Daylights by a-Ha, each soundtrack staple highlights the central theme, and setting of each film, while capturing the sense of thrill that the classic series embodies. But even when the theme song seemed to be on life support due to a hot strike of mishaps from performances by Madonna, Chris Cornell, and Alicia Keys & Jack White, Adele became the saving grace with Skyfall. 

Evoking the traditional aspects of a classic sounding ballad, Adele curated the standards of what the song should be, but reimagined for a new era. At the height of her colossal peak, Adele challenged not only herself but future performers to step up to the plate and achieve success of a well respected Bond song. Eight years later, Billie Eilish answered the open challenge, and wears the crown. The recently released, No Time To Die, flourishes with an inviting orchestra, that is enticing, and haunting. Balancing the aspects of the new era driven by Daniel Craig, Eilish is in the passenger seat, mirroring the route of the past but reflecting the present. Unlike the songs that came before, Eilish decides to tone it down a notch, and highlights the delicacy of her vocal delivery, a form of presentation that she is most comfortable in.

Catering to the formulaic of the Bond films, producer Finneas, curates a sudden sight into the cinematic universe of James Bond. Lyrically exploring hints of romantic betrayal, Billie Eilish taps into the character of Daniel Craig, penning the thematic soundtrack fitting to her style, while sending the traditional norms into a new generation . No Time To Die proves that when done right, the Bond song is just as pivotal as the actor who portrays Bond, James Bond himself. 

Stream, No Time To Die by Billie Eilish below on CTRL's curated CTRL Now Playlist.



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