Omar Apollo Releases Debut Album ‘Apolonio’ + Single “Stay Back”

Update (10/16): Omar Apollo has officially released his much anticipated debut album Apolonio. Listen:  

Omar Apollo is ready to make his debut. The singer-songwriter has dyed his hair green and is ready to kickstart a new era.

The singer returns to the scene with the new single “Stayback”. Omar Apollo shared details on the song earlier this week and revealed that it’s the first single off of his debut album.



At just under three minutes, Omar Apollo shines over a lustrous production. He recalls his past fling with his former lover with the chorus hitting with the lyrics “you know I been feeling you since way back. But I couldn’t even make the words to say that, say that”. The song is simplistic, yet short but sweet, and effective at getting the job done as it sets the tone to what to expect.

The upcoming album will follow his two EPs, Stereo and Friends, released in 2018 and 2019. Last year he also shared the song “Frio”, which was sung entirely in Spanish.

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