One Song A Day: Disclosure's Ecstasy EP Reviewed

Making their grand return after releasing a slew full of singles back in 2018, the unstoppable house duo comprised of brothers, House and Guy Lawrence, give fans a taste of what’s to come. Chopping up soul samples from the 70’s, Disclosure are gearing up to launch a new era, with means of course, a presentation of their experimentation of new sounds. Previously in 2019, the duo revealed that they were inspired by seventies disco, and they’ve made it ever so clear that their new direction will send fans directly to the dance floor. Releasing four new songs, Ecstasy, Tondo, Expressing What Matters, and Etran, before ultimately including them all in the Ecstasy EP,  alongside the unreleased, Get Close. Disclosure have effectively lived up to their disco ambitions.

Entering straight into a time machine straight to the past, Disclosure take a trip to nightclubs of the 70s and are living in the moment. Chopping up Aquarian Dream’s late 1970’s track, Fantasy, Disclosure introduced their new direction with the throbbing house number, Ecstasy. Allowing listeners to indulge in the side effects of ecstasy, the track is a vibrant invitation to the dance floor. Serving as the first official taste of their new direction, Ecstasy stirs clear into the eccentric house realm with a soulful approach.

As described by the Lawrence brothers, Tondo, the second new release by Disclosure, is fast, punchy, and above all fun. Heavily sampling, Tondo Mba, by Eko Roosevelt, Disclosure sets the pace with a livelihood of high speeds and light but bright beats. Dipping into the Afro-House sea, the track is yet another tune designed for the dance floor, but not your ordinary dance floor. Just one play and the track instantly imagines itself in the high tides of the tropics, capturing the spirt of the original track sampled, but also utilizing Disclosure’s signature approach to reimagining house music  

Releasing yet another tune, on yet another day, Disclosure samples the legendary number, Lowdown by Bon Scaggs, on Expressing What Matters. Proclaiming that they wanted to focus on the “wonderful” backing vocals of the original, Disclosure emphasizes in on them, and bring them to life with an abundance of soul. Pushing the vocals to their limit, the duo invites listeners into a groovy escapism that comes to life with the new track. Expressing the originality of Bon Scaggs’ original, Disclosure respectively chops up their focus point, the background vocals, and make it the center of attention. 

Yet again dipping into the Afro-House seas, Disclosure travel into the soundscape once more. Their latest release samples the sounds of Niger-based band, Etran Finatawa. Finally, Disclosure retrieve an unreleased song straight out of the archives, Disclosure close out the Ep with the fast paced, Get Close. The track is a nostalgic, fist pumping, DTF club ready anthem, with punch to the gut lyrics that are entirely too real. 

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