#ONROTATION: Flume, Summer Walker, Toro y Moi

‘10 Freaky Girls’, Metro Boomin x 21 Savage

Straight braggadocio in its purest form, this Metro x 21 collab is an anthem. Sure it might’ve been Metro Boomin’s album, but 21 Savage was undeniably the star of the show. Metro Boomin & 21 Savage’s chemistry is unmatched

‘Daze 22.0’, Flume

‘Hi This Is Flume’, is pretty much fantastic. Sort of a return to form, venturing away from the accessibility from ‘Skin’, and experimenting with really weird sounds, this mixtape is amazing. Flume evolved in sound while remaining unique in his own identity

‘Girls Need Love’ (Remix), Summer Walker, Drake

Let’s be honest, every other new R&B artist are all starting to same, but that’s beyond the point. Summer Walker’s ‘Girls Need Love’ showcases her smooth vocals, while Drake’s added verse delivers serious nostalgia vibes to ‘Girls Love Beyonce’

‘Freelance’, Toro y Moi

Major tune! What can go wrong with another funky, groovy, jam? Am I right? Toro y Moi can do no wrong

‘Lucky’, Choker

For a while now, a lot of people have been recommending me to go listen to some dude named Choker, and while I was always familiar with the name, I never went out of my way to go listen. But after discovering his music, I can say his tunes are sensational, in particular ‘Lucky’

‘Barefoot In The Park’, James Blake

You don’t have to understand what Rosalia is singing to acknowledge the fact that this is an album highlight on ‘Assume Form’. Contender for best song of the year


‘Tia Tamera’, Doja Cat, Rico Nasty

Surely this might make you scratch your head, but c’mon, this song is a total ear worm + this production is insane


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