Reference Tracks For Travis Scott's "Sicko Mode" and "Coffee Bean" Surface Online

In 2018, Travis Scott had the entire world in the palm of his hands as he dominated the second half of the year with the album Astroworldand the single “Sicko Mode”. The album highlight off of the album instantly became a fan favorite, as it topped the charts and generated a major widespread appeal that outdid expectations.

“Sicko Mode” even went on to end the decade as the biggest rap song of the 2010s on Billboard’s Decade End Charts. But, was Travis Scott even involved in the creation of the song? 



It has come to the attention of fans on social media that fellow artist CyHi The Prince, who’s helped create some of Kanye West’s biggest hits, recorded an entire demo of the song. With the demo surfacing online, it allowed fans to believe that Travis didn’t actually do much on this song, or if he actually wrote it.

Typically, reference tracks are unfinished songs that features verses and hooks that are then utilized as a placeholder, which are usually done by a different artist. In this case, CyHi The Prince recorded a demo and was used as the placeholder for Travis Scott. 



But that’s not all. Astroworld closer, and arguably Travis Scott’s most personal song to date, also had a CyHi The Prince demo that has surfaced online as well. Fans are conflicted and somewhat confused on what to believe.

CyHi The Prince is credited as a songwriter on both tracks as well as “Stargazing” and “5% Tint”.

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