Rihanna Details New Album and Upcoming Rollout

Rihanna has detailed what’s going on behind the scenes with her forthcoming album. The musician recently spoke to the Associated Press and answered a series of questions in regard to her much anticipated release. 
For Rihanna, her last release Anti, was an ambitious conceptually project that was backed by a series of “ANTI Diaries” in collaboration with Samsung. The release attempted to be a unique release, while the visuals provided were an exciting experience, the momentum fell flat when the album arrived unexpectedly through Tidal. This time, Rihanna is trying to revive the excitement and exploring what she wants to do this time around.
What do I feel personally? What do I want to put out, and as an artist, how do I want to play it with my art? How do I want to interpret that? "How do I want to reimagine it because it's been so structured before”, Rihanna says. 
Along with that, the singer speaks on her versatility and aims back at her critics who criticize her musical direction. For Rihanna, and for the album, she says she just wants to have fun: “You do pop, you did this genre, you do that, you do radio, but now it's just like, what makes me happy? I just want to have fun with music. Everything is so heavy. The world that we live in is a lot. It's overwhelming every single day. And with the music, I'm using that as my outlet”. 
Finally, she goes into detail on the challengers of trying to release during an on-going pandemic. She says she’s trying to figure out how to plan a rollout during COVID-19: "I want to go on tour but I can't, so I'm stuck with music that I love, and now I'm trying to figure out how I can even create visuals to that," she said. "That's a challenge as well. But I love challenges so, you know, I'm gonna get it done”.
Guess we just have to continue waiting. For now, don’t forget to catch Savage x FENTY Vol. 2 on Friday, October 2nd.

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