Romy Croft of The xx Releases Debut Solo Single

Romy Croft is ready to make her solo debut. As a member of the prolific band The xx, Romy has her eyes on making a name for herself as a soloist. While she is still committed to the band, she is just the next member to explore solo ventures.

To do so, Romy shares the single “Lifetime”. The song was produced with Fred Again and Marta Salogni. “Lifetime” is an up-beat, electronic influenced tune that is centered around the dream of reuniting with love ones. It’s a strong example of pandemic pop done right. 
The song is the first taste of the expected solo album from Romy. All three members of The xx are expected to release solo albums within the next months/year.
Matthew Thornhill, director of The xx’s record label Young Turks revealed in an interview with MusicWeek the following: “Young Turks artists always collaborate together and The xx are no different, Romy and Oliver both sung on Jamie’s record, Jamie is producing tracks, along with other people, for Romy and Oliver, so there’s a lot of collaboration between the band. They’re all working independently and hopefully some of that will see the light of day this year from all of them.”

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