Rosalía & Travis Scott "TKN" Track Review

Joining forces once again, Rosalía and Travis Scott collaborate on the new single “TKN”. Earlier this year the songstress described the song to be the ultimate “club banger”, avoiding the release due to the on-going pandemic. After the polarizing reactions to the “Highest In The Room” remix, the two exciting young artists deliver.

Blending the creative ambitions of both artists, “TKN” provides a surprising new take to the capabilities of both artists involved. Rosalía approaches the production with ease, arriving with a confident manner that is apparent with her vocals. On the other hand, Travis Scott captures the attention of listeners with the element of surprise. Singing and rapping in Spanish, Scott tackles the song with a refreshing take that fans might not be accustomed to. 

Delaying the song’s release was somehow the right decision. “TKN” is a light, refreshing, but yet unique single for both artists. Meshing two drastically different styles together, both acts complement one another, avoiding butting heads. An easy listen that’ll dominate the airwaves this summer.

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