Run The Jewels 'RTJ4' | Album Review

Killer Mike and El-P are back and charged up to heat up the political climate. Ready for war, the rap duo, Run The Jewels, share a public service announcement to expect the unexpected. With no hesitation, they’re aware of the injustice that have continuously surround their outlook on society, and now, they want those who have doubted them to keep their eyes out.

Declaring chaos, which is notable on the track “Ooh La La”, Killer Mike and El-P have become alarmed with the blues that is on the news. Force-fed with racial injustice and police brutality that prove not much has changed since their last release RTJ3, the duo has heightened their anger with nothing and no-one holding them back. Showcasing exactly what they’re capable of, the 2 Chainz assisted “out of sight” sees them boosting erratic behavior that is justified with a government that has failed them. 

Living up to the sterotypical unholy behavior that is used against black men and rappers in general, El-P flips the script, fueling such imagery to provide quirky punchlines and a furious delivery. With a vengeance. Met with a beat switch, “holy calmafuck”, sees El-P comparing and contrasting the differential beliefs between opposing sides. “You hate Run The Jewels; you don’t love the troops” El-P raps. It’s been twenty plus years, and is there an excuse to actually hate the duo? With the song, the duo sets Run The Jewels as the war figures of hip-hop fighting against the outside perspective. Listeners see the duo tap into activist mode as they tap into various personalities as they call out the faux activism that they see right through.

Released at the center of the protests for George Floyd, Run The Jewels curated their most protest-like body of work to date. Killer Mike and El-P raise awareness in their own way, not in a cliché way for the sake of “wokeness”. The duo doesn’t play it safe with their approach to calling out every sides that fuels this politically correct agenda that they don’t obey by.

It’s made clear that Run The Jewels have become the poster child’s of being the face of activism for hip-hop, and with this project the duo revisit various time periods from scratching on the records to references of Tik-Tok to highlight everything in between with what has changed and what hasn’t. It’s a record that doesn’t shift any perspective of the duo, but instead, it's a record that is expected of them to release in 2020.

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