Scorpion: I'm Upset

Drake’s upset, and I’m disappointed…Penned to be his most personal album to date, Drake avoids creating a safe space for himself, but rather bloating, ‘Scorpion’, with strategic strategies to remain on top. The buildup for this project seemed to be the world vs. Drake, as surrounding the era was Drake’s capability of not being able to stir away from the negativity when it came to the Pusha T beef and the mystery of his kid, but yet remaining his likability to be as successful as ever.

But since ‘IYRTITL’, as Drake progressed in numbers,he degraded with quality,and he’s aware of his capability to create a project that caters to both sides of his fanbase, and goes against the critiques and releases the album he feels like is necessary,even though if it really isn’t. If you listen to this project without any prior knowledge of Drake’s discography,you wouldn’t be able to tell the capability Drake really has.As a body of work, it’s frustrating to actually enjoy,and at times feels like a chore to listen as a whole,with two-sides,it lacks an interesting transitioning where you can separate the great qualities of each side,as on this project it is Drake’s laziest project to date.

Minimizing his effort with forgettable hooks, overused production,and underwhelming lyrics,Drake basically uses the public’s criticisms to develop the project, rather than portraying himself in the position as being the biggest name in hip-hop at the moment.Once the streaming numbers came in it basically proved Drake is an artist to pick and chose what songs you want to listen to, rather than thoroughly enjoying a hour and half project without reeking of boredom,and thinking you’re listening to the same song over and over again.Though it’s rare for artists to create a long album and showcase growth/versatility, it’s possible (The College Dropout/TLOP),but on the album closer Drake claims he’s growing from a boy to a man, but the growth seems to be nonexistent.

Sure you can enjoy the album for what it is,but its just another Drake album,just like how the last 3 were.What’s considered as his most personal effort to date, has hardly any self reflection, but a reflection of his perception


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