Seth Rogen Tells Stories About Kanye West In New Book

Seth Rogen’s new memoir, Yearbook, details his epic celebrity encounters. The actor tells all in the newly released book, such stories include almost meeting Beyoncé, Nicholas Cage’s beef with James Franco, Snoop Dogg’s creative process, and the best of all, his bond with Kanye West.

In the book, Seth dedicates a chapter to his friendship with Kanye. He details meeting the rapper in 2004 when Kanye jogged by his house and yelled “You’re a funny motherfucker”.

He also recounts the moment Kanye played him and his wife, Lauren, two and a half hours worth of unreleased music.

Read pages from the chapter below:








Photo: Christian Coppola  

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Isaac smith

Beautiful story. Thanks for sharing, Seth.

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