SG Lewis "Chemicals" Track Review

Is it too early to discuss the song of the summer? If not, then it looks like SG Lewis is coming in strong as a contender for the song of the season. Launching his new era, the British singer-songwriter/producer takes it to the dance floor and to the poolside with the single “Chemicals”. Co-produced by Chad Hugo of The Neptunes and N*E*R*D, the song has all the elements of a feel-good number that meshes sounds from the past into a modernized approach with an outcome that you can’t stop playing. Fresh off of producing “Hallucinate” from Dua Lipa’s recent pop masterpiece Future Nostalgia, SG Lewis continues his hot streak with another hit under his belt.  

Instantly connective with soaring synths and a blast to the past, “Chemicals” is an electronic-funk tune that immediately charges up a groove. The song is driven with a showcase of Lewis’ capabilities of not only as a producer but also as a vocalist as he returns to lead vocals on the track.The song glimmers with effortlessly atmospheric production and shimmers with an upbeat sound. In a press release, SG Lewis specified the meaning of the song by saying” being convinced to try something new by someone you are infatuated with, and the emotions that follow”. 

With his previous releases, the producer experimented with sounds from across the board. Ranging from nu-disco to deep house and electronic, he is limitless, and each project showcases the depth to his creativity. What’s next in store remains a mystery but “Chemicals” allows SG Lewis to continuously impress. 


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