Songs For You, Tinashe

Hopscotching through various identities, Tinashe invites listeners into her most transformative body of work to date. Presenting a high speed chase that guides past sound after sound, the songstress has had her eyes set freedom, and is letting loose with no stop signs in her way. Songs For You the first independent release by Tinashe symbolizes the soundtrack to her ever so punishing career. Lacking complete control, while heading into the wrong turns, it was as if the star was stirring into the wrong direction, luckily enough, she escaped what was holding her back, achieving what once seemed unachievable.
Nashe so nasty, Tinashe showcases a glimpse of redefining what it means to be sweet but savage. Straight from the get go she sets out a warning, opening track ‘Feelings’ unravels the unfortunate reality to those who once doubted her, celebrating being completely unapologetic. Deservingly so, the triple threat is no holds barred, showcasing the limitless possibilities to her personality. Tinashe flows effortlessly on Hopscotch, while dominating bouncy-moody house beats on Stormy Weather, Save Room For Us, and the introduction to this new era, Die A Little Bit. Catering to every past, present, and future fan, Tinashe derives the elements of her previous records, and complies them all into a way that sounds more promising than ever before. 

A showcase of variety characters and the different personalities that represent them, Tinashe faces critics, while shutting shit down. At times when it feels as if she gets too comfortable with her newfound glory, she finds the ability to continuously keep things interesting. Rather it be the chaotic beat switches on album highlights, Cash Race, and Link Up, or the sudden capabilities of turning a club number into being oh so intimate, she satisfies all the cravings of what it means to be a R&B superstar. 

Sure Tinashe can sit back and envy her label mishandling, but she refuses and proves her freedom is the only success that matters. With yet another grand slam in her discography, the songstress is revived, and ready for a reawakening, the one that she's long overdue for. 



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