Spotify Launches "Only You" Musical Birth Chart, Dream Dinner Party, and More Features

Spotify has just launched its latest “Only You” feature. It’s a new personalized experience based on listening data and features curations such as:

  • Your Audio Birth Chart: Astrologer for your musical tastes - Sun artist you've listened to most - Moon artist that reflects your "emotional or vulnerable side" - Rising artist that you've recently discovered. 
  • Your Dream Dinner Party -  a personalized playlist from a selection of three artists you'd most likely invite to a dinner party. 
  • Your Artist Pairs, which calls out an unusual audio pairing that you've listened to recently. 
  • Your Song Year - “how you've musically traveled through different time periods".
  • Your Time of Day - what you listen to either early in the morning or late at night. 
  • Your Genres/Topics -  music and podcast genres that set you apart

Ways to access Only You:

  • Open the Only You tab (click here)
  • Open the Spotify mobile app and click the Only You banner
  • Search for “Only you” in the search field 

To be eligible for the Only You experience: 

  • You must have streamed 30 tracks over 5 different artists over the past 6 months
  • You must live in a country that supports it (available in 79 countries)
  • Running the most recent version of Spotify’s mobile app

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