Still Woozy | “Window” Track Review

Sven Gamsky, also known as Still Woozy, is back and charged up. The new single “Window” takes a peek into elements of past releases but a glimpse into the future of what’s next in store. 
The short but sweet tracks closes out right when you think it just started. At just two minutes, Woozy masters the recipe of an ear worm. With rhythmic guitars and lively background noises, the song comes to life with a colorful array of sounds. 
“Window” is an ode to a nostalgic backyard love affair of those endless summers. Sven plays a rebellious character that lives on the edge of a thrill. Without playing it safe, the singer-songwriter seeks the experience with a flirtatious effort that is charming and charismatic. 
A soulful acoustic yet experimental with electronic, the Marvin Gaye sampled song is an era-defining anthem for bedroom pop. Transcending to new heights, the song remains in a constant loop that expands into an adventurous sonic realm. The whimsical instrumentation combined with the soulful Marvin Gaye sample is also era-blending. 
Gamsky referred to Kanye West’s classic “Gold Digger” and the iconic Ray Charles sample as inspiration for his own take to blend eras. Achieving the ability, Still Woozy combines comforting piano keys, a head-bopping bassline, and smooth vocals as he invites listeners to live in his daydream. The song is an escapism, as Still Woozy directs a scene with the lyrics that provide vivid flashbacks to a reality that seems awfully familiar. 
“Window” is a glimpse of Still Woozy’s ever-so evolving career, and it’s proof that he just can’t make a bad song.

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