Sunday Service, Coachella Spectacle

Reassuring that faith accepts us all, Sunday Service is a spiritual awakening through the power of holding onto the glory. Welcoming fans into the sanctuary, Kanye West latest concept is his most authentic. Amongst all the controversies it seemed as if Kanye had been defeated, it was the world versus Kanye West. The egotistical maniac built upon arrogance and narcissism that was hinted on YEEZUS returned, and unlike before, it destroyed the character of Mr. West, dividing fans, while draining himself emotionally, it was a shaky ass year. In a journey for forgiveness hinted on Kids See Ghosts, Kanye began seeking the calm through gospel choirs that speak to the soul. Turning a catastrophe into love, we’re witnessing a rebirth

As a testimony to the strength of faith, the weekly Sunday Service series revives the authenticity of the that Kanye everyone fell in love with, while bearing how heart aching a confessional could be. During yesterday’s Sunday Service special at Coachella (which should’ve just been the headlining set), West envisioned his catalog of hits through gospel renditions, while playing classical gospel, as well as premiering new music, it was West’s vision of amplifying the spiritual message to a wider scale audience.
Consistently introducing the world to a new direction, West is aware that every move of his is being broadcasted, and this time around he wants everyone to tune in to how he attempts to wash away his sins for a reawakening. Organically becoming a spectacle through the impulse of faith, Sunday Service might just be Kanye’s greatest accomplishment in years, what’s to come, will be his most religious reinvention 

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