Superstar, Single Review: Majid Jordan Have Finally Found Their Sound

Dynamic producer-singer duo, comprised of Jordan Ullman, and Majid Maskati, otherwise known as Majid Jordan, have sustained an unmatched potential through dimensions that have yet to be achieved. The challenge for the Toronto natives wasn’t the ability to make good music, because that’s something they’ve consistently done, but to find their sound and stick with it.

Conquering the lane of pop/r&b, the electric duo shifts the listening experience amongst the appreciation of synth funk, most notably highlighted on hits such as ‘Gave Your Love Away’, and ‘All Over You’. 

Their latest release, ‘Superstar’, borrows from the sounds of their previous releases, but yet remains a sultry, fresh new start into a new era. On the song, Jordan immediately sets the pace with a head-nodding tempo, that builds up continuously with a smooth unmatched groove. Jordan Ullman remains the most interesting, under appreciated producer in the game, with a sound that is specific to him, while evolving with every release. Celebrating a love that makes you want to travel to France, Majid croons romantically, just as he does best. 

The single is the duo stepping in the right direction, following their Khalid-assisted track, ‘Caught Up’, released in July. ‘Superstar’ revives what makes Majid Jordan so great; how they exude an infectious groove so effortlessly. 

Stream the song below:


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