SZA "Hit Different" Track Review + More Exciting Album News

Making her grand return with her first official solo release since 2017, SZA had all the spotlight on her with the release of “Hit Different”. Assisted by Ty Dolla $Ign, the song evokes the elements of a true R&B hit. Produced by none other than The Neptunes (Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo), Hit Different” is what the genre needed, a fresh restart and the death of trap soul.

While it doesn’t stir too far away from the sounds of what’s been dominating the genre as of late, “Hit Different” has an appeal that quite a few R&B songs has these days. Backed by The Neptunes signature bass and synths, the easily recognizable production cultivates the song into its full potential. With hints of classic R&B crossover hits such as Usher’s “U Don’t Have To Call”, Aaliyah’s “Rock The Boat”, and even Pharrell’s very own “Frontin”, SZA’s “Hit Different” has the long-lasting impression of becoming the ultimate smash hit.

"Hit Different" is the song that allows the star to embrace her potential and reveal the layers to her superstar potential. The best is yet to come, as SZA says the song sounds different than anything else she has in store. 

Despite causing a frenzy with claims that she’s unable to release music, it looks like the songstress has received the stamp of approval from Punch of Top Dawg Entertainment. Now, SZA is ready to launch her new era as she reveals a slew of exciting information. 

Speaking to Zane Lowe on Apple Music’s Beats 1, the singer revealed that she has created five songs with The Neptunes. While she even provided a fun fact that she in fact was in the music video for  N*E*R*D’s  2008 hit “Everybody Nose”.

Meanwhile, she says that she’s ready to launch more and more music, claiming that each song sounds different than the other, and that no other song on the album sounds like “Hit Different”, and “Love Language” (a newly announced song). 

Finally, in the second half of the self-directed music video, SZA shared a glimpse of a new song that she previously teased on social media. SZA says it’s titled “Good Days” and it features singer-songwriter, Jacob Collier. The song is expected to drop soon as she confirmed to fans that the song is in the final stages of being released.

Check out the interview above. 

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