The 10 Best Calvin Harris Songs

Helping to define the last decade in music, Calvin Harris dominated airwaves, and made a consistent appearance on the charts. With release after release, each Calvin Harris project was different than the one prior, thus allowing for the unpredictability to be part for his brand.

The Scottish producer has the touch to create irresistible melodies and massive, stadium ready choruses. When you hear a Harris production, you know it’s a Calvin Harris production. From strictly making electro-house music in the late 2000s, to dipping into the sub-genres of the EDM trend of the early 2010s, to going deep-house and funky in the latter half of the last decade, Calvin proved he isn’t a one trick pony. 

As a strong vocalist of his own, he had the ability to carry hit records straight to top of the charts all by himself. Later on, he required assistance from the likes of powerhouse superstars such as Rihanna, Ariana Grande, and even the likes of Young Thug and Frank Ocean.

Here’s a list of the 10 best Calvin Harris songs.

Song: “I’m Not Alone”

Album: Ready for the Weekend

Year: 2009

Rewriting EDM in the last decade, Calvin Harris has explored various sounds and styles of the genre. Becoming oh so unpredictable, one of his earlier hits “I’m Not Alone” set the pace of what to expect from him. As a massive, fast-paced tune, the instrumental heavy single expands Harris as the producer than Harris the producer who fans grew to love with his massive pop tunes.


Song: “You Used To Hold Me”

Album: Ready for the Weekend

Year: 2010 (released as single)

Synth-heavy, and hook driven, “You Used To Me” primarily focused on Calvin’s vocals. Before surging into taking over radio with the hottest hook names in the industry, Calvin taps into his own. The song is light and heavy at the same time, as it balances the bass dominance, vocal exploding chorus while he stays in place for the verse. It’s an emotional, uplifting stadium ready anthem.


Song: “Acceptable in the 80s”

Album: I Created Disco

Year: 2007

In case you didn’t know, Calvin Harris actually created disco. Well not really, but Calvin makes it believable as he modernized the beloved sound through electro-pop lenses. As witty as it is, it’s filled with charisma that oozes with the retro charm. Calvin knows how to fun and when he does, he delivers some of his best material.


Song: “Disco Heat”

Album: I Created Disco

Year: 2007 

Calvin Harris takes disco music and enhances it up a bit. “Disco Heat” was a glimpse of Calvin’s genre bending capabilities, as he takes the retro sound and charges it with electricity of electronic music. 13 years later and disco is having its moment again, let Calvin Harris teach the industry how to modernize disco the right way.


Song: “How Deep Is Your Love”

Year: 2015 

Collaborating with Disciplies, Calvin returned to form in a big way. Straightforward with its grooviness it’s playful and easily digestible, which in theory, made the song shine with brilliance as it recaptured the connectiveness of Harris’ previous hits. This deep house anthem was fresh yet soulful and made the subtleness of the track work.


Song: “Feel So Close”

Album: 18 Months

Year: 2011 (released as single)

“Feel So Close” was proof that Calvin Harris could have a smash radio hit of his own, with his own vocals in the forefront. Over a melancholic piano beat, Calvin cruises alone on a joyride of unimaginable heights.  


Song: “Heatstroke”

Album: Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1

Year: 2017

What do you get when you combine the forces of Calvin Harris, Ariana Grande, Pharrell Williams, and Young Thug? Sheer brilliance. The outcast of the party becomes the center of the attention — Young Thug’s distinctive tricks up his sleeve makes everything sound so strange, but still sound just right. Cut straight out of the Lionel Richie “All Night Long” and Chic “I Want Your Love” textbook, Calvin studied the history of the origins of the sound he tried to emulate, and without coming across as cheesy doing so, he put his own twist to it, and Young Thug was the crucial aspect for the DJ to actually succeed with doing so. 


Song: “Sweet Nothing”

Album: 18 Months

Year: 2012

Florence Welch of Florence and The Machine captured the attention of fans across genres due to her powerhouse, haunting vocals. With such vocal talent, the possibilities to her delivery with any sound was limitless. When she collaborated with Calvin Harris, the outcome was an anthemic and unlike anything from EDM at the time. With no big drop required, all it needed was a powerful vocalist, and Florence delivered for something oh-so satisfying.


Song: “Slide”

Album: Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1

Year: 2017 

On a song where three different artists from three different spectrums collide with the ability to showcase their effortless talents with ease, allowed “Slide” to dominate the airwaves and still remain an essential three years later. Frank Ocean delivering catchy hooks, with Migos in their prime, all matched with a feel-good Calvin Harris production? A total ear worm, that has become a staple all year long, no matter the season.


Song: “We Found Love”

Album: Talk That Talk (Rihanna) &  18 Months (Calvin Harris)

Year: 2011

When you think of EDM of the 2010s, classic hits provided by the likes of Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, and Deadmau5 come to mind, but one in particular, reimagined the landscape within mainstream music. “We Found Love” the lead single off of Calvin Harris and Rihanna’s albums was a once-in-a-generation song, an anthem that across generations are familiar with. A euphoric jaw-dropping, spine tingling nostalgic banger that captured the essence of the loss of innocence. Rihanna sounds oh so angelic, while the production by Calvin Harris is his greatest triumphant moment. There’s a reason why it ended the decade as one of the biggest songs of the 2010s, because it’s a song everyone knows, and loves.  

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