The Chief of the Grammys Responds To Justin Bieber

The 2021 Grammy Award nominations arrived earlier this week, and it’s still the topic of discussion. Despite numerous artists, such as Jacob Collier and Dua Lipa celebrating their big victory, many artists are still scratching their heads

Immediately following the announcement of the list of nominees, Justin Bieber expressed gratitude for being nominated, but also disappointment, as he was recognized in the pop field but not in r&b. As valid as his points were, considering his latest effort, Changes, was his most r&b-leaning forward project to date, many felt as if he was entitled to speak due to other artists such as The Weeknd, not receiving a single nomination.

In an interview, Harvey Mason Jr., Chief and Interim President/CEO of the Recording Academy was asked about Justin Bieber’s lengthy Instagram post. His response was:

“We always want to respect the artist’s wishes. Art’s a funny thing because it’s so subjective, and at the Academy our goal is to honor excellence. At some point, decisions have to be made as to how to compare different things, and it is a very tough process and one I don’t think we get right every time. We use our best efforts to get people where they wanna be and where they should be and try to evaluate them as best as we can. If he felt that was that type of a record, then, you know… I’ll just leave it at that. We try really hard to make sure people’s art is respected and evaluated in the right category”.

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