The History of “Electric Feel” by MGMT

On June 23, 2008, psychedelic rock-pop band MGMT, comprised of the members Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser released the hit “Electric Feel”. The song was released as the second single from their debut album Oracular Spectacular nearly a year after the album release.

MGMT helped to revive a cultural appreciation for psychedelic synth-pop music that was at one point, swept under the rug. “Electric Feel” explores the “electric” sensations that drugs provide. Often mistaken about sex – lead singer, Andrew VanWyngarden confirmed that in fact it’s not about “eels” it’s about drugs. Hinting at otherworldly experiences, the song reassures that electricity can mean several different things, but love can change the world. 

Revealing in an interview with Crossfire, Ben Goldwasser revealed that the song was the first actual song they wrote with lyrics. He said: “There is a weird combination on the album because it has a couple of older tracks on it which were originally electronic with a more dancey feel. 'Electric Feel' was one of the first songs we wrote, well the first actual song with lyrics”. The song embodied youth culture – as each year passes, it still sounds recurrent and modern for the times. It’s a feel-good tune that allows the mind to wonder into an alternate reality and has been appreciated in several different ways.

Here are some fun facts about the song:

Jim Jones was featured on the official remix of the song that was originally intended for his own album but was then cut.

Justice remixed the song and won a Grammy for Best Remixed Recording in 2009.

Nipsey Hussle utilized the instrumental as well on his own spin - on the song “Call From The Bank” off of his 2010 mixtape The Marathon.


Katy Perry shared a cover of the song and sang it on tour in 2010

Frank Ocean utilized instrumental samples of the song on the track “Nature Feels” from his 2011 mixtape Nostalgia, Ultra.

Kid Cudi famously danced with joy during MGMT’s Coachella performance in 2014. Kid Cudi recently addressed the performance in which he revealed that he wasn’t drunk but rather, on acid.




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