The Kevin Parker Demo: Hear Kevin Parker Sing "Find U Again" and "Perfect Illusion"

Over the years Kevin Parker has become one of the most sought out producers to work with in mainstream music. Since Tame Impala's debut album Innerspeaker, the impact of the psych-rock sound has sneaked its way into unimaginable genres most notably hip-hop. Since 2014, the genre has had a love affair with Kevin Parker as it all began with Kendrick Lamar reworking the Tame's signature hit, Feels Like We Only Go Backwards for the film Divergent. Years later, the who's who in hip-hop began to work with the mastermind, and in 2018 alone, Kanye West, Travis Scott, and A$AP Rocky all released music that was co-produced by Parker.

Kevin Parker's magnetic touch just scratched the surfaces in hip-hop, and it was just a glimpse of how he can bend and blend genres.  Alongside fellow genius producer Mark Ronson, Parker helped to work on notable pop songs over the last few years. In 2016, Lady Gaga launched her new album era Joanne with the lead single, Perfect Illusion. Earlier that year Rihanna had covered the Currents album track, New Person, Same Old Mistakes for her critically acclaimed album ANTI, but Gaga's Perfect Illusion was the first pop single to include production credits from Kevin Parker. Gaga enlisted an all star lineup consisted of the likes of Bloodpop, Mark Ronson, and Kevin Parker, for a song that though didn't make an impact on the charts, made an impact with Parker to continuously explore his desire of producing pop music. Check out Kevin Parker's demo of Perfect Illusion as well as his performance of the song at the The Slow Rush Tour 


Three years after Perfect Illusion, Mark Ronson and Kevin Parker reunited once again for another pop tune. This time around it was for Ronson's next studio album, the all female featured Late Night Feelings. Ronson described the album as filled with "sad bangers" with an emotional resonance, and the artists featured on the project such as Miley Cyrus, Lykke Li, and Alicia Keys helped to bring his vision to life. But the producer just couldn't help but to include the Kevin Parker touch, as Parker co-wrote and produced the Camila Cabello assisted Find U Again. As an instant earworm with a melody produced by the Tame Impala frontman, the song was a hit that got away but also showcased the dynamic of Kevin Parker and Mark Ronson.

Check out Mark Ronson playing Kevin's demo of the song: 



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