The Neptunes Are Back! New Single With deadmau5 Announced.

Quietly announcing their return, Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams revamped the social feeds as they officially launched new social media accounts. Mysteriously appearing with only a couple hundred followers, The Neptunes Official account on Instagram and Twitter marked a new beginning for the duo. With a subtle grand return, both producers are looking to make an impact in the new decade. Standing the test of time with countless of hits, The Neptunes have curated a timeless collection that paved a way for a new testament of sound.

Earlier this year Chad Hugo revealed that the duo has reunited and are back for good. Since then, what was to come was much anticipated. A month later, both producers were involved with Snoh Aalegra’s remix to “Woah”. The songstress was one of the notable artists Hugo revealed that they were working with as he then listed a variety of names across genres which included the likes of Jay Z, Dua Lipa, Lil Uzi Vert, Blink 182, G-Eazy, Miley Cyrus, and more. Interestingly enough, Hugo also announced that The Neptunes worked with The Weeknd on something that sounds “really futuristic”.

While fans are still waiting on the new music that Hugo teased, it looks like listeners can expect the first taste pretty soon. Electronic DJ Deadmau5 announced that he has collaborated with The Neptunes on a new single called “Pomegranate”. The Neptunes have established themselves by meshing the most unique sounds while working with artists from every genre. No date has been announced just yet, but it’s guaranteed to be exciting.




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