The New York Times Presents: Dominic Fike, At First

Fresh off the release of his debut album, What Could Possibly Go Wrong, Dominic Fike finds himself front and center on the New York Times Hulu series. 

The young musician’ chronicle is highlighted and showcases Fike being released from prison to signing his multimillion-dollar contract and readying his debut album. From just a few mysterious demos that had appeared online, it was enough to capture the attention from various record executives who were in a bidding war to sign the upcoming star.

The plot of the episode reads: “The making of a pop star in 2020: A young musician is plucked from obscurity and given a $4 million record deal. Meet Dominic Fike as he prepares for his first international tour and makes his debut album”.

The New York Times Presentsis a documentary series that explores breaking news, investigations, and character-driven stories by journalists at The New York Times. With standalone documentaries, it will feature 10 individual episodes that air on FX and on Hulu. 

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