Timothée Chalamet: Music's Golden Boy

Ever since his breakthrough performance in the Academy Award winning motion picture, Call Me By Your Name, Timothée Chalamet has became a notable name in Hollywood. The unlikely young actor suddenly made an appearance on everyone's radar. Riding the wave of the success of the film, Timmy went on to star in other notable films including Little Woman in 2019. 

But what captured the attention of the most unlikely fans is his exquisite taste in music. From being name dropped by Tyler, The Creator to becoming the bestest of friends with Kid Cudi, Timmy is living the dreams of every music fan. Showcasing his admiration of hip-hop, rock, and indie music, it's not that hard to imagine what's on Timmy's playlist. Here's a list of Timmy's favorite songs by his favorite artists, some he mentioned, and some that are just way too obvious. 



Frank Ocean, Seigfried

Back in 2019, Timothée Chalamet was interviewed by Frank Ocean for VMAN Magazine. During the interview, Timothée quoted lyrics from Seigfried, to which Frank then responded “Don’t do that”.




 Kids See Ghosts, Feel The Love

After showcasing his admiration for Kid Cudi, Timothée was invited by the rapper to open up his ComplexCon set last year. To make an already memorable set even more epic, Pusha T made a surprise appearance right after Timmy’s dialogue to perform Feel The Love.




Tyler, The Creator, Okra

In March of 2018, Tyler, The Creator previewed what was to come on his critically acclaimed album, IGOR, with the minimalistic track OKRA. Leaving fans in awe with not only his approach to the sound, but with his namedrop to Tim. Tyler raps, “tell Tim Chalamet to come get at me”. Iconic.



Mary J. Blige ft. Kanye West, Love Yourself

At the Gotham Independent Film Awards in 2017, Timothée accepted the award for the Breakthrough Actor Award. During his speech Timmy proceeded to list names of artists that had inspired him including Mary J Blige. That same year, Mary J Blige had collaborated with Kanye West (who Timmy had dinner with) on the song Love Yourself. It’s hard not to imagine that being one of his favorite Mary J songs.


 Lil B, I’M GOD

Inspiring an entire generation, Lil B was one of the most pivotal names on the internet in the last decade. Celebrating individuality, the rapper made fans comfortable about themselves, and knowing their worth. In an interview with Variety, Timmy spoke candidly about his appreciation for the rapper as he said the following, “I feel like some people might roll their eyes at this, but he really had a transformative effect on me when I was 15 and 16, preaching about live and let live, loving and accepting people for who they are’.

Cardi B, Bartier Cardi

If you have any doubt that Timmy is a fan of female rap than you’re wrong. At the 2018 SAG Awards, Timothée embraced the year of Cardi B, and showed support for the breakthrough artist of that year due to their similar history of being from the Bronx. On the carpet Timothée covered a bit of Bartier Cardi.



Lil Uzi Vert, Sideline Watching

In yet another interview, Timmy was asked what his favorite song to dance to. The answer to the question? Lil Uzi Vert’s, Sideline Watching.





Kanye West, Ghost Town

To celebrate Kid Cudi’s birthday, Tim joined Kanye West, Pete Davidson and the birthday boy for the ultimate boys night dinner. During his appearance on Jimmy Fallon, Timmy revealed he was hesitant on joining the boys for the dinner but later said his 16 year old self would “slap the sh*t out of you! Go back to the table”. Well Timmy, you’re not the kid you used to be…


The WeekndScared To Live

Six months before the release of After Hours, Timmy gave fans the ultimate exclusive on The Weeknd’s new album. Revealing that the album is “crazy” and “it’s going to blow peoples mind”, it looks like he was right all along.




Harry Styles, Sign of the Times

Blessing us with another celebrity on celebrity interview, Timothée spoke with Harry Styles for I-D Magazine on a wide range of topics. One key aspect to the conversation was the mutual admiration for David Bowie. Since his solo debut, Harry Styles has been widely compared to the style of Bowie, and the most obvious was with his debut single, Sign of the Times.


David Bowie, Dancing Out In Space

In the interview mentioned above, Harry Styles asked Timmy the following, “David Bowie once said that, 'Creativity is like wading out into the ocean. You wade out to the point where you can’t touch the bottom, you’re a little scared, and that’s where you do your best work.' Do you agree?”. Timmy responded by obviously agreeing to the statement.


Daft Punk, Instant Crush

On twitter, Timmy was asked what his favorite song at the moment was, he answered simply by tweeting “INSTANT CRUSH”. That says it all.





Sufjan Stevens, Visions of Gideon

Featured on the soundtrack to the Academy Award winning film, Call Me By Your Name, Sufjan Stevens received critical acclaim for his heart aching contributions to the soundtrack. Timmy’s breakthrough began with the film, and the critical closing scene to which he revealed he listened to Stevens’ Visions of Gideon to embody the emotions that were necessary for the scene.


Kid Cudi, Mr. Rager

At this point it’s common knowledge that Timmy’s favorite artist is Kid Cudi. Their timeline all began with a simple tweet, the next thing you know it and Kid Cudi joins Timmy on red carpets, and Timmy is opening up Cudi’s festival sets. Proclaiming himself to be the biggest Kid Cudi stan, Timmy is living the dream of every Kid Cudi fan.



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