The Weeknd & Doja Cat: "In Your Eyes" (Remix) Music Video + Track Review

A pulsating retro infused modern tune has become the recipe for your classic The Weeknd pop hit. One of Abel’s signature hits that rely on the specific formula is “In Your Eyes”. The third single off of the singer’s forth studio album After Hours instantly connected with listeners, becoming one of the most popular non-single tracks on the album. After the success of “Blinding Lights”, the next single choice being “In Your Eyes” seemed to be a safe choice for the star to make, but it was the right choice.

Weeks after premiering the thrilling music video for the single, The Weeknd revived the hit and breathed a new life into the hit with a remix. As well as an animated music video for the new version. Enlisting chart-topper Doja Cat, the female emcee continues to dabble into the retro-sound after her breakthrough hit “Say So” recently topped the charts. 

With a majestic approach, Doja provides a female perspective to alternate Abel’s side of the story. The optimistic viewpoint that he presents is drastically enhanced with bright life-like synths that masks his vulnerability within a relationship. As if The Weeknd called for a call to action, Doja arrives with a response to all of his worries.

Crooning ever so sultry, Doja is mesmerizing yet matches Abel’s display of vulnerability. Ever so delicately, she sings: “I never lied when I cried for you/And I know you cried too”. Unlike the fast-paced, energetic and animated mixed bag of personalities Doja presents on her breakthrough hits, she tones it down a bit that allows her to effectively to tap into the atmosphere that the song calls for. But the raging toxic relationship that the song unveils needed a more passionate collaboration from both artists.

While the song needed a second push as a single, the most efficient way would’ve been completely reworking the chorus and bridge for a back-and-forth exchange with both artists playing the roles of each character in the relationship. Think Nelly Furtado and Timbaland’s “Promiscuous".

Click here to watch the animated music video.

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