The Weeknd Has A New Album Ready To Be Released

Undoubtedly, The Weeknd has established himself as the man of the year. With the smash hit “Blinding Lights” still soaring across the airwaves and the charts, as well as a recent MTV VMA Video of the Year win, The Weeknd has been having quite the year.

After Hours, the fourth full-length studio album by The Weeknd has been one of this year’s impressive efforts. Now, just five months away from music’s biggest night, Abel is looking to walk away with the most prestigious award in music.
Rolling Stones has just issued their first ever GRAMMYs Preview Issue. The publication is looking ahead as they predict and preview what to expect from the 2021 awards. Covering the issue is none other than The Weeknd himself, as he talks about the album, the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as deeming himself as a pop star.
Met with praise from fans as well as his industry peers, After Hours became the essential album while the world was in lockdown. The album was arguably his most fully realized project to date, as it captured both sides of his brilliancy between the dark conceptual side to the full blown pop sensation. Even The Weeknd himself agrees as he says it’s the perfect album in his discography. “I’ve always tried to do what I do with After Hours with every record I’ve ever done,” he says. “I just didn’t have the resources or the budget or the time to make them as cohesive and as singular as After Hours was visually”. 
He goes on to call it the “perfect” album: “It might not be my best album,” he says. “It might not be what people gravitate towards the most in the future. Hopefully it is. But to me, it’s definitely my most perfect album. I could go back and listen to it and be like, ‘I’ve got no notes for this, really”. 
He also talks about being considered a pop star and he has no problem owning it. “I’ve always been vocal about me being a pop star,” he says. “I thought House of Balloons was pop”. 
The Weeknd also teased another album that’s ready to be released by the time quarantine is over. “ I might have another album ready to go by the time this quarantine is over”.
He also says he’s trying to outdo himself with the new record. “ I’m trying to find a perfect balance with the film and the music, and so far it’s going really well,” he says. “I think I might have cracked the code.”
He’s also says he’s rooting for Megan Thee Stallion and Roddy Ricch, and plans on continuing to outdoing himself.

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