The Weeknd New Album Updates: Everything We Know

The Weeknd is still basking in the success of the monumental, ‘After Hours’ era. With the singles, “Blinding Lights” and “Save Your Tears” still soaring up the charts, the singer still has his plans to release a new album.

Back in September, The Weeknd revealed he has a new album that’s ready to be released, and recently, he revealed he might be touring that new album. With more and more info expected, here’s all the updates, and everything we know on The Weeknd’s forthcoming new release:

(5/3): The Weeknd confirms he has completed a new album which was recorded during the pandemic. He teases it as a sequel to ‘After Hours’ in a new interview with Variety:If the last record is the after hours of the night, then the dawn is coming.”

(2/9): Meduza reveals that The Weeknd wants to work with them:

Responsible for the hits, “Piece of Your Heart”, and “Paradise” with Dermot Kennedy, the Italian trio have dominated a lane in dance music over the years and have caught the attention of The Weeknd. In a new interview, for The Daily Star’s wired column, the trio reveal that The Weeknd has contacted them and wants to link up. 

(1/28) : The Weeknd teases new album with new tour:

"Is the tour going to be the After Hours tour still? Is it going to be this new album’s tour, with the same tickets?"

(1/18): Snippet of new music goes viral:

(9/18/2020): The Weeknd teases new album 

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