Travis Scott Announces New Album 'UTOPIA’

Update: (10/16): Travis Scott confirms that the new album is titled Utopia, and will be released in 2021:




Update (9/24): New merchandise for Travis Scott’s upcoming single “Franchise” further hints at the album title Utopia. The clothing includes the slogan “Live From Utopia”.

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Travis Scott celebrates the second-year anniversary of his record-breaking album ASTROWORLD. The rapper took to social media to share a handwritten note by his daughter Stormi thanking fans for their support.


“Happy Astroversary a 2 year ride that’s still one of my favorites!!! Album means so much to me!! To every one that bumps and rages to that soundtrack I love you. Let’s keep the ride going see you in Utopia“.

Fans are speculating that Travis Scott is hinting at the fact that he might’ve revealed his next album title. “Let’s keep the ride going, see you in Utopia” has fans on the edge of their seats, as Travis has also mentioned “Utopia” in a caption on one of his Instagram posts from last month.


Interesting enough, the designer of the “Highest In The Room” artwork shared Travis Scott’s Instagram post. This has led fans to believe he’s involved in the upcoming new era that might just start soon. 


In case you missed it, Travis Scott kicked off the season premiere of his Apple Music exclusive radio show .WAV Radio. On the first episode of the new season he premiered a slew of new music including work with Young Thug and Big Sean.

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