Tyler, The Creator Conversation About Igor With Zane Lowe

The development of any Tyler The Creator album is always fascinating; from his Cherry Bomb Documentary, to this near hour long interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music's Beats 1, going behind the scenes allows listeners to fully appreciate the body of work presented. Arguably Tyler's best album, IGOR, arrived and marked a major turning point for the industry as it made a somewhat timid year more interesting, and proved Tyler can compete with the likes of Beyoncé, Jay Z, Travis Scott, Justin Bieber and more A-Listers on the DJ Khaled album (released the same day), and still top the charts. 
Detailing how IGOR had flourished, Tyler reveals his appreciation for the soundscape of the 80's, and how that era shaped the sounds for the album. Sculpted upon the influences of The Neptunes, Stevie Wonder, Sade and more, the embellishments of such artists created the vision to Tyler's ability to mirror what he studied, and modernized it to refresh the sounds of current mainstream music. In the very insightful interview, Tyler, The Creator discusses how everything leading up in his career planted the seeds to allow his latest work to blossom, and to create the album he always wanted, as well as how the purpose of Odd Future has impacted todays culture. Tyler answers almost every questions fans might've had about IGOR, including how Solange, and Kanye got involved. 
When Tyler, Frank Ocean, and Solange are all in Italy, you knows it's a movie, and that's exactly what it was. A trip to Lake Como began the creation to IGOR, as Tyler talked about how Solange worked on "A Boy Is A Gun" and "Are We Still Friends" on their trip, while Frank sat back and relaxed, just as friends do. Meanwhile, Tyler praised Drake's ability with song structures, calls "Started From The Bottom" one of the best pop songs of all time, claims that Kanye West's polarizing 2018 effort, 'YE', is one of his favorite Kanye albums, and how Pusha T congratulated him on his work, while stating that Pusha is his favorite rapper.
The turning point of the interview is when Tyler pinpoints how it felt when he realized he really beat out DJ Khaled and his star-studded compilation album to debut at #1 on the Billboard Top 200. It was at that moment, Tyler's near decade long effort was finally celebrated with an experimental album; the culture that he revitalized with Odd Future is beginning to be shaped, and he notes how kids are starting to dress exactly how he dressed in 2011, when it wasn't acceptable, and how Camp Flog Gnaw is competing with Coachella as the best music festival. Tyler The Creator is finally having his full circle moment, and it's great to witness his career continuing to blossom. 
Watch the full interview below:

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