Ugh, Snoh Aalegra Did It Again!

Returning back for her role into yet another self-documented confessional, Snoh Aalegra is the main and sole character to the sequel of 2017’s, Feels, on Ugh, Those Feels Again.

Mastering contemporary neo-soul, the songstress revives a listening experience remastered upon a soundscape of silky, velvety vocals that are the star of the show. Demonstrating the effects of being a hopeless romantic, Snoh’s greatest strength is her vulnerability, her signature to guide her through a emotive journey that is overwhelmingly complicated, but just as rewarding.


Immediately setting the tone with “Here Now”, Snoh welcomes you to punch in your ticket to explore all the feels. Confidently craving comfort in all of her emotional demands, “I Want You Around” displays how head over heels the songstress is, and how positively uplifting it is. Unraveling every layer to a relationship, Snoh showcases the conflicting, phase on “Situationship” and the celebratory, wedding playlist essential, “Find Someone Like You”, refuels a nostalgic driven love, infusing mesmerizing traditional undertones into a sultry, melodic translation of pure and raw emotions. Balancing between the mountaintop highs of the rush of a crush (Side A), to the crash and burn lows of the reflections in loneliness (Side B), Snoh threads the themes to sounds of doo-wop and soul bearing mid tempos. 
Aalegra is comfortable in her vulnerability, perhaps to comfortable that she’s playing it safe, but as you continue to scratch beneath the surface level, you understand that her safe space is embedded in a mind-state, in which she’s confidently reassured. Throughout the album, it ties together with the story of Feels, as it’s a turn of events, to reassure that Snoh is recharged and still authentically herself. Representing a character development as an artist, despite the minimal shifts in sound, Snoh’s voice perfectly pairs with jazz-hip-hop like influences to showcase depth
Romanticizing human nature, the album approaches desire unlike anything in R&B today, it’s traditional, yet a risk and a refreshment to a genre reliant on love songs. Ugh, Snoh indeed, did it again!


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