What Could’ve Been: Kanye West’s ‘YANDHI’ 2 Years Later



In Fall 2018, Kanye West shocked the world after he announced what would’ve been his ninth studio album, YANDHI. Intended for release on September 29th, 2018, the album never saw the light of day. While it was then later scheduled for a release for November of that year, as promised by Kim Kardashian West, still, neither Kanye or Kim stuck by their word. 

Two years later, and while some songs were reimagined to fit the Christianity concept of what became his ninth studio album, Jesus Is King, Kanye has moved on from secular music, but fans didn’t. Yandhi marked the last-hoorah of pre-religious Kanye West, as Jesus is King was the death of a rockstar that everyone once knew and loved.
Thankfully for fans the album found its way online. Whether it be completely leaking in full, or uploaded as ringtones, the album made an impact on the music community, and if it was never scrapped, it’ll make you question where would Kanye West’s career be at today. YANDHI was a much more interesting conceptual project compared to his recent contributions, and proved that the musician was still capable of delivering a noteworthy body of work, even when everyone has written him off.  
This year, “New Body”, the intended lead single off of YANDHI which featured Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign went viral across social media. As it garnered million of views and trended across TikTok, it was proof that there was potential for the project beyond the niche of Kanye West fans. Now, in 2020, as listeners are mourning what was pre-Jesus is King, we’re still capable of celebrating Kanye’s contributions to music, even if it might be controversial to do so in this climate. 

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