Billie Eilish is in our nightmares

As a demonic approach to pop music, the superstar of your nightmares, Billie Eilish challenges pop’s status quo
Going through the ordinary awkward teenager phase, in which glamorizing mental health issues seem to be an aesthetic, Billie reimagines the perception of a pop star. The gothic teen phenomenon curates a tale that quite frankly, seems too mature, as she’s ready to proclaim evil, but yet underneath it all, she’s just as fragile. Switching between characters is a reoccurring theme throughout the album, at times she’s the anti-christ of pop, other times she’s a Stone Cold (Steve Austin), like good-bad guy that you can’t help but root for. Terrorizing anyone in her way, Billie utilizes mind games on ‘Bad Guy’, a bass-heavy smash that follows a tremulous relationship through the acts of tempting and taunting
Shuffling through personalities, Billie is reassuring and subtle alongside a shift with minimalistic instrumentation that is paralleld against the heavy-in-your-face productions. Notably on ‘Xanny’ the teen promotes sobriety, and avoiding drug abuse that seems to be apparent in the industry, as she plays the role of a good guy, raising concern for her peers. In various interviews Billie states that the album is inspired by a variety of her fears, and as she comes face-to-face with them, she questions the bravery of listeners to face their own fears, (‘You Should See Me In A Crown’). Fighting her own demons (‘Bury A Friend’), while exploring her own strange addictions (‘my strange addiction’), Billietouches on R&B sensations, while pulling jazz like vocal moments to assure that yes, she’s actually really talented.
Much like the development of characters in tv shows, Billie is a character of a variety personalities, and inspirations that questions who she is on her own. At times the album taps into YEEZUS-like productions, while being a much more darker ‘Born To Die’ type of debut, and questioning if Billie is just Lorde’s little sister who is inspired and wants to rebel, and be the bad guy that is restricted from her parents 
As a whole, the album is basically pop music’s American Horror Story, its the complete opposite of the perception of pop, but is that why people are rooting for Billie? Is the industry in dire need of an anti-pop star that makes an appearance every other year, and right now, that just so happens to be Billie Eilish
The production is the star of the show, kudos to FINNEAS. 3/5 
Best: You Should See Me In A Crown, Xanny, 8, When The Party’s Over, Bury A Friend

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