Woodkid “Pale Yellow” | The Intimacy of Self-Destruct

Woodkid is back with another single off of his much-anticipated upcoming sophomore album. “Pale Yellow” follows the release of the first single “Goliath” which arrived in April.

Exploring the strength of the human body, Woodkid is in search of the power against self-destruction. Questioning the intimacy the leads to the crash and burn of an individual, “Pale Yellow” highlights the journey of the willingness to escape from addiction.

The overwhelming single puts the spotlight on the array of emotions that are attached with the battle to try to overcome being against all odds. With an industrial-like production, the instrumentation utilized helps to shape the notion of what leads to the act of being attached to a chemical that causes addiction. 

Woodkid explained the concept of the song by saying: “If "Goliath", my first single, summons the massive, the titanesque, "Pale Yellow" is more about the machine inside, the inner monster. This is a song about the shape of chemical addiction and the power of resilience against self-destruction”.
“Pale Yellow” is a unique atmospheric track that allows listeners to further understand the vision to Woodkid’s return after a seven year hiatus. 

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